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"I can very honestly say, I have not had a headache after a day on the lake since I installed FAE." "Best investment I've ever made in my boat." "...its the best stereo upgrade you will ever make." "...the sound reduction is amazing."

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  • FAE on Malibu Response Wedge Bracket

    “The noise reduction (my main reason for getting it) is amazing! The loudest noise now is the water splashing along the side of the boat.” -Andrew K. Here is our standard FAE design mounted to the wedge bracket of a Malibu Response. One happy customer and we are one happy...
  • FAE Y and T shapes

    We added 2 new models of Fresh Air Exhaust this past spring.  They are the T shape (FAE-T) and the Y shape (FAE-Y).  They are a one piece FAE thus eliminating a set of hose and hose clamps, thus having a “cleaner” look.  The FAE-T fits on most boats whereas...
  • FAE now fits ALL Malibu Wedges

    Fresh Air Exhaust now has a model that fits all Malibu Wedges. The Wedge is not modified and operates normally. Customer reviews have been excellent....
  • FAE Now on a Diesel Boat

    Fresh Air Exhaust has been installed on its first Diesel engine boat. There was no change in performance. FAE reduces carbon soot from Diesel exhaust and thus reduces a potent Greenhouse gas. If you know anyone with a Diesel engine boat please tell them about FAE....
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