"I can very honestly say, I have not had a headache after a day on the lake since I installed FAE." "Best investment I've ever made in my boat." "...its the best stereo upgrade you will ever make." "...the sound reduction is amazing."

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  • FAE Y and T shapes

    We added 2 new models of Fresh Air Exhaust this past spring.  They are the T shape (FAE-T) and the Y shape (FAE-Y).  They are a one piece FAE thus eliminating a set of hose and hose clamps, thus having a “cleaner” look.  The FAE-T fits on most boats whereas...
  • FAE now fits ALL Malibu Wedges

    Fresh Air Exhaust now has a model that fits all Malibu Wedges. The Wedge is not modified and operates normally. Customer reviews have been excellent....
  • FAE Now on a Diesel Boat

    Fresh Air Exhaust has been installed on its first Diesel engine boat. There was no change in performance. FAE reduces carbon soot from Diesel exhaust and thus reduces a potent Greenhouse gas. If you know anyone with a Diesel engine boat please tell them about FAE....
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