FAE Options

Brushed Stainless Finish
The standard finish is Brushed Stainless. It has a finish similar to many wakeboard towers. It can be cared for with simple cleaning as you would with fiberglass or you can “brush” it with a Scotchbrite pad.

FAE Brushed Stainless Finish

Polished and Black Finish
Previously our finish options were Black and Polished.  We are not currently offering these finishes as a standard option.  If you wish one of these finishes please inquire about the current status.


Platform Quick Release
The Platform Quick Release (PQR) allows you to readily remove your swim platform. The PQR has 2 quick release pins to quickly disconnect the FAE from the swim platform.
If you remove your swim platform frequently you definitely need the PQR. If you only remove your swim platform once a year you would benefit from the PQR because the standard mounting bolts used to mount the FAE to the swim platform can be difficult to remove once installed. A PQR is $40.



Mounting Options
Side Mount – For fiberglass swim platform installations
Without the Side Mount option you have to remove the fiberglass platform FROM the boat’s metal platform brackets. With the side mount, the platform does not have to be removed. With the side mount you will drill one hole in each metal swim platform bracket. The Side Mount is only $20 and a huge time saver; you will be pleased you purchased it.  The Side Mount does not work on every boat; we will verify that it will work on your boat before we ship your FAE.

Side Mount Option for FAE


Boat Exhaust Flappers
– Inboard Ski/Wake boat exhaust systems are wet exhaust. During normal operation there is water in the exhaust pipes and muffler. When a boat engine is not running the boat’s exhaust is typically partially flooded. When you start the engine the water that is flooding the exhaust system is blown out. A marine engine is essentially an 8 cylinder air compressor powered by a V8 gasoline engine. When the engine is running, it is virtually impossible for exhaust water to enter into the engine.

– Boat exhaust flappers are designed to prevent water from surging into a boat’s exhaust system. For instance, if you were driving fast and the engine suddenly died, the following wave could push into the exhaust outlet/s and up into the engine (that is bad). Exhaust outlets that are curved downward also prevent surging water from pushing into the engine. Some boats with curved downward exhaust outlets do not have flappers, such as the Nautique Surf Pipe. Fresh Air Exhaust (FAE) provides the same protection as other curved down exhaust outlets.

FAE has been installed on 2000 boats. Water in the engine has NOT occurred as a result of FAE. Some boat engine installation instructions require a flapper; so if your boat’s engine is still under warranty, we recommend flappers just to prevent any conversation about any warranty issues that may arise. We know of NO warranty issues with FAE installed but we prefer to err on the side of caution. The flappers are optional and are built into the FAE; they do not change the ease of installation nor engine performance. They can easily be retrofitted to existing FAE.


Drill Bit
Most FAE installations require you to drill holes into the FAE mounting bracket; we will let you know if this applies to your order.  The stainless steel brackets are difficult to get the drill hole started.  We recommend a step bit since they are larger diameter and can thus handle the firm downward pressure necessary for drilling into stainless.  The step bit is $6.50 from us or you can purchase one at Home Depot/Lowes at a substantially higher price.  The FAE installation instructions give advice on how to drill into stainless.


Back pressure Chart 400px (1)


It is our priority to make sure that you have the FAE that meets your needs. If you are still not sure which options are right for you, give us a call or email. We are happy to discuss the various options we offer.