Fresh Air Exhaust now makes stainless steel replacements for your boat’s fiberglass mufflers and our stainless steel replacements will likely cost less than new fiberglass mufflers.

A fiberglass muffler WILL eventually deteriorate; sooner if your boat engine has ever lost cooling water (have an impeller fail) and the mufflers overheated.  Also, if your muffler is below water level (like in the floor of a direct drive inboard), and your muffler is leaking, your boat is taking on water whenever it is sitting in the water.

A muffler works by converting some of the noise energy into mechanical energy; thus it resonates inside the boat.  The resonating muffler produces noise inside the boat, just quieter than the exhaust noise.  If you have straight tubes (no mufflers) the noise is passed through the FAE and underwater.

For customers that want to replace their fiberglass mufflers without an FAE, we can also make stainless steel mufflers with baffles installed.

We only have a few replacement muffler designs in our database. We will likely need to design and fabricate your muffler replacement from measurements you attain for us.  Call us to discuss this project. Our goal is to fabricate and ship your muffler replacement within 3 days of receiving the dimensions so your boat has minimal downtime.

Side Swipe Replacement

The Centurion Side Swipe was the first attempt to minimize Carbon Monoxide on boats and achieves a Carbon Monoxide reduction of up to 90%.  Unfortunately, the Side Swipe is also very loud.  Also, apparently if you have an older Side Swipe and need to repair it, the replacement parts can be very expensive.  We’ve had customers that replaced their Side Swipe with a Fresh Air Exhaust.  One of them had the Side Swipe hole fiberglassed over so their was no evidence that the Side Swipe had ever been installed.  Most customers simply replace the Side Swipe exhaust outlet with a cover plate we provide.

In addition to being quieter and with better reduction in Carbon Monoxide, replacing your Side Swipe with Fresh Air Exhaust will give you more storage room in the rear lockers.