Until you ride in a boat with FAE it is difficult to explain how much noise it gets rid of. In the no wake zone it feels like I’m silently floating across the lake, and under load with weight at 30mph I can easily talk to all of the others in the boat. While riding I get a much crisper sound from my tower speakers and can hear the music much easier….I never realized how loud my boat was!  – LJ


Fresh Air Exhaust is great and I wish I installed it earlier. Big props to FAE as well because they were on the phone with me anytime I called to answer a question about the install, and followed up quickly when I placed my order. I look forward to many more lake trips with my newfound silence (except for the loud music of course).  – JM


I have received and installed my FAE and the first impression is … Wow!  – ES


I installed it on my boat and I can’t say enough about it. Since I was a kid, I always equated that afternoon/evening “post day-out-on-the-lake” headache with being up early, tired from skiing/wakeboarding all day, etc.

I can very honestly say, I have not had a headache after a day on the lake since I installed FAE……adjusting for the occasional kid/wife/wally-induced one. 🙂

I’m now convinced that carbon monoxide was the culprit all these years. Having a 2 year old and another on the way, I would not own a boat without FAE. And Larry is super responsive and great to work with. Tige Forum Member

Tige Forum Member

All I can say is WOW!!! The FAE on my 1999 Wakesetter made a HUGE difference. It has always been very loud. The engine noise at Full Throttle was very Overwhelming, especially to my stereo system. I often Video Record boarders. The camera I use is a High Def Sony with a Hard Drive. The very loud low frequency sound of the engine often caused a buffer underrun error while recording.

With the FAE installed I can BARELY hear the engine. I videoed all day with absolutely no problems with hard drive errors. The most prevalent noise now is the water splashing the side of the boat. Even at Full Throttle, you can barely hear the engine. I can’t believe how much of a difference it makes. It would be safe to say that it’s at least 75%-80% quieter and there is no more exhaust fumes for the Wakesurfers!!  – Kevin F

Kevin F

Great system installed this weekend worked great and sounds super or doesn’t sound super. Unbelievable.  – DS


Wake surfing is a new pleasure now. The exhaust fumes are eliminated and we are no longer sucking on ‘em. Exhaust noise is greatly reduced and is very easy to talk to the person surfing, the stereo is much easier to hear and the wakeboard wake is unchanged. I am extremely pleased with the performance, construction and finish. Thanks for your professional customer service. Great product!  – MG


Since installing Fresh Air Exhaust my boat is 75% quieter and the handling has been transparent. I don’t even know that it’s there. I am also greatly relieved that the issue of Carbon Monoxide has been virtually solved. The passengers in the rear of my boat are safer than ever before.  – MD


I recently installed the FAE system on my 2004 Malibu Sunsetter Lxi. I needed to reduce the noise level on my boat as the neighbors on my small lake were upset about our early morning weekend slalom course skiing. The installation was easy, the support was great and the noise level of the boat is down considerably. No more complaints. The slalom wake is not affected, nor is the handling or acceleration.  – DG


Working great, very quiet, some of the best money I’ve spent on the boat.  – SH


It works so well I almost forget it’s even there.  – GS


Thanks. You have the best customer service hands down.  – JH


Absolutely Awesome!  – GW


I’ve been loving my FAE… second one, can’t live without em!  – PL


Stainless looks awesome!  – JD


Running it yesterday I hear how quiet it is. This thing is Bad Ass.  – PS


I test drove my boat today with the FAE. I have nothing but good things to say.

First, the wakeboard wake was unaffected, no sprays, no change in roost, no vibrations or weird feeling when driving. The rider 80 feet back noticed how quiet it was, just wind noise and no engine noise.

Driving was unaffected. I couldn’t even tell it was back there when driving slow, fast, or turning. I drove it with no ballast and with full ballast… I did not notice any difference in either situations compared to pre-FAE…So needless to say, I am very happy and will definitely encourage others who are thinking about going with your FAE system to do it.  – JR


Been using mine for 4 years with no problems… and it’s working great!  – Andy Z

Andy Z

Let me compliment you on the packaging & presentation of your product & the excellent service throughout the process. Power & speed doesn’t seem to have changed at all (although logic would tell you that dragging that pipe behind the boat must create some resistance) & the sound level inside the boat has improved significantly. The boat sounds like a stern drive now & the main noise is now coming from the engine compartment. … We don’t ride the wake behind the boat mainly just barefoot…  Happy to recommend your product in Australia.  – Mark P

Mark P

I had no idea the difference the exhaust would make!  The wife lives how quiet the boat is now.  – Tom G

Tom G

It’s the cheapest stereo upgrade you can buy by far.  They are a class act to deal with and best of all: they answer the phone or get back to you in record speed.  – MJ


Fresh Air Exhaust. I will never have another MC without one. Better experience for all involved, riders and neighbors.


Fresh Air Exhaust is like having a Rolls Royce on the water (just a soft purr of the engine is all that is heard). Someone boarding can’t even hear the motor; they just hear the music loud and clear.  – CL