Fresh Air Exhaust makes stainless steel replacements for your boat’s fiberglass mufflers.

A fiberglass muffler WILL eventually deteriorate; sooner if your engine has ever overheated.  The mufflers for Direct Drive boats are in the floor, below the waterline.  If a direct drive muffler fails, the boat can sink.  We know as it happened to us.  My son was in the boat by himself, cruising down the lake.  He noticed water at his feet and discovered that the boat was taking on water fast.  He managed to beach the boat.  Our fiberglass muffler had cracked under the hose clamp, the clamp became loose and the rubber hose slipped loose.

Catastrophic fiberglass muffler failure

The first picture above shows a muffler with a good fiberglass repair.  The next picture shows that the repaired muffler failed anyway, with a cracked end (yellow arrow).  This is the same type of crack that occurred to our boat.  If you ever find loose hose clamps on your fiberglass muffler, it is time to replace the muffler.  The third picture shows the end of a failed “barrel style” muffler, leaking water and Carbon Monoxide.  The last picture above shows a catastrophic fiberglass muffler failure.

Our stainless steel replacements cost less than fiberglass mufflers (frequently less than half the price).  Since our mufflers are 100% stainless steel they will not fail if overheated.

If you have a barrel style muffler, like a Malibu Silent Rider or the MasterCraft Silent Master, our muffler replacement eliminates the barrel, opening up your engine compartment; thus making engine maintenance easier.  Also by eliminating the barrel, shipping costs are reduced.  If purchased with a Fresh Air Exhaust there may be no additional shipping cost.

A boat with a FAE can use the Free-Flow version; simply hollow tubing with minimal resistance to exhaust flow.  For customers that want to replace their fiberglass mufflers without an FAE, we also make stainless steel mufflers with baffles.  Our baffles have a high flow design.

We keep several replacement mufflers in stock, and if available typically ship within 3 days.  We have many more mufflers in our database that can be fabricated within a week.

If your muffler is not in stock, you are welcome to call us and schedule your muffler replacement fabrication to be sure it is ready when your boat is available for service.

Side Swipe Replacement

The Centurion SideSwipe is loud and replacement parts are expensive.  With Fresh Air Exhaust your boat will be quieter and with better Carbon Monoxide reduction.  Our Side Swipe FAE replacement kit includes four stainless steel elbows for inside the boat (you will re-use the hose and hose clamps), a Fresh Air Exhaust that mounts thru your transom, and two cover plates to cover over the side exhaust ports.  In other words, everything you need.

Also replacing your Side Swipe with Fresh Air Exhaust will give you more storage space in the rear lockers.

This project requires you to drill two holes thru the transom.  To undertake this job you should be comfortable with woodworking tools.  We will provide you with the template of where to drill the holes, we can supply the correct size hole saw, and we are available with technical assistance.  If you have your shop perform the installation we will be pleased to work with them as well.