A customer with a 32′ Sports Fisher made this video for us.  The exhaust steam vividly shows the station-wagon effect.

Another customer demonstrating the excellent noise reduction while surfing a Supra.

A customer made these videos for us.  They are a before and after on a 2005 Tige.  Start them both playing at the same time and then switch (mute) the volume back and forth.  Also note that on this boat there is no change in the wake/spray.

Underwater video of FAE

This video demonstrates FAE creating a suction to help pull the exhaust out of the engine.

Blake Days – What is a Fresh Air Exhaust?? ( Why you want an FAE on your boat)

Swell Wakesurf

Wake 9 – Independent Study

A customer’s underwater video of FAE

Blake Days – Fresh Air Exhaust Installation – Through Hull for a Nautique

Swell Wakesurf – FAE installation- Malibu Manual Wedge with dual exhaust.

How to install FAE & stainless muffler replacement on a 2006 Mastercraft- 1 piece T-FAE- with a drain plug mount. Video brought to you by Swell Wake.

How to install Fresh Air Exhaust on a 2016 Malibu Wakesetter VTX with a Power Wedge. Video brought to you by Swell Wake

Fresh Air Exhaust- fiberglass to stainless muffler conversion.

Fresh Air Exhaust installation on an Axis T22 with a single exhaust. Same steps apply for Manual Wedge & Floating Wedge.